Corporate Social Responsibility For Queens Attorneys

Whenever we hear of attorneys, we think of crimes and people who have been accused of crime. However, our attorneys are not only involved in criminal investigations but they also have a greater role to play in the community. They engage in corporate social responsibility activities like any other professions. But what activities are considered CSR for Queens attorneys and the legal community?

Community outreach programmes
Attorneys will volunteer their time and knowledge to assist the community in understanding their legal obligation, rights and responsibilities. This may be done during community fun activities or educative programmes.

Career fairs and mentorship
Queens attorneys take up students who would like to venture into the legal profession and mentor them. They also attend career fairs and offer their advice to different interested groups. Mentorship is long terms and is usually time consuming since the mentor and the mentee have to have constant communication, learning and advice sessions throughout their careers.

Pro Bono cases
At other times, the legal community may take up cases without charging the clients. While some may do this to build the image of their firms, the end result is usually helping out people who may not have afforded legal fees to get the best representation for their cases. These pro bono cases range from minor offenses to complicated cases depending on the size of the firm.

CSR for corporates
Attorneys may also take up certain cases from corporate institutions as CSR projects. This may involve a matter that is of great importance to the community and therefore an effect on the wellbeing of the community. In other cases, the attorneys may take up a case where the community is suing a corporate entity for the effect their operations have had such as pollution, wrongful dismissal, lack of adherence to security measures among others.

The Effect
Attorneys who engage in CSR not only improve their ratings in the community but they create a lasting bond with members of the community. The relationships created may lead to business in future. Law firms may also engage in CSR to redeem their image in a community or as an entry strategy in a specific area. At the end of the day, the community and the law firm benefits.