Ending the Ag-Gag Problem

One of the biggest animal rights issues that have been going on is how animals that are being bred for food are being treated. Many times, we just see these animals as things that are meant to be used. They’re stuck in small cages, they’re mistreated, they get only the minimal amount of food, and a wide variety of other issues happen in the process as well. It’s a huge problem at many corporate farms, and because of that, there has been a lot of attention on the issue in recent years. The problem is – many of these groups can’t prove what’s been going on.

LivestockMany animal rights activists have been trying to get the word out about what happens at some of these places for a long while. You see the videos on the internet, and people blogging and protesting about all of these different things. But, you see, a problem that many of these organizations have is that they can’t get anything on tape. They see it with their eyes, but the minute a camera comes out, they get escorted out. This means that there isn’t any progress and that there is a lot of difficulty when it comes to trying to take care of everything related to whether or not these animals are being treated fairly.

So, anyhow, a federal court in Idaho decided to stop this issue in its tracks by saying that farms could not prohibit people from having hidden cameras when they go to farms. The thing is, you can’t really see what’s going on if you actually bring a camera that can be seen – that’s why the Idaho law was in place in the first place. Farmers were complaining and many said that it was “hurting the industry.” But the higher court decided that this shouldn’t matter in the big picture of things – and that animals deserve to be treated well. If they aren’t, then there should be video or photographic proof so that something can be done to take care of the issue quickly.

Other states have tried to make these laws work as well, but to no avail. Many times, they get blocked for any number of reasons that you could imagine, and that makes it harder for them to be able to succeed when it comes to trying to stop the animal abuse issue that happens at our farms and other places where animals are. But now, Idaho has struck down the law that prevented cameras from entering farms, so it may be the beginning of something that is going to be great for those who are interested in animal rights as a whole. It will take some effort on their parts, of course, but it may be the beginning of something good for animals and those that support them.

This could, possibly, be a huge blow for those who are looking to continue “doing things the way that we’ve always done them.” Since animals are being abused on a regular basis at some of the larger, corporate run farms, it’s going to help those who want to try and make a difference to be able to do so effectively and want to try and stop these farms in their tracks. Do you think that it’s going to be a help or do you think it’s going to make things more difficult for those who may be trying to succeed with their farms and such? These are important questions to ponder, and even more important to see what may happen with these sorts of cases in the future.