Going Solar Just Got Easier in Texas

texas-solar-panelThere are so many different things that people try to do in order to save money and energy. It’s great for the environment to do many of these things as well. Solar power is, perhaps, one of the easiest ways for people to do this. As the technology goes down in price and more individuals get involved in the process, more people are climbing on roofs and developing technologies that are going to make it easier for them to get that solar power that they desire to have themselves. But, not everyone is happy with these changes – and it’s now becoming an issue that courts have to explore.

In Texas, there were a number of problems in neighborhoods that were still considered to be “developing” and those who wanted to install solar panels. The issue was that, these things can be incredibly unsightly if you aren’t careful with them. Even if you do put the time and the effort into trying to make the whole thing less noticeable, you will find that they are still quite large and hard to really get under control when it comes to appearance. On top of that, you will also see that there are communities that really don’t like the way that they look. Some communities have a number of rules that have to be met, and some of them have done “cease and desist” orders in order to try and stop people from putting up their solar setups.

Now, there has been a law passed that makes it a lot easier for these individuals to put together their energy- friendly homes. What happened is that a number of individuals decided that they were going to work together and put in a case that stopped organizations from being able to have a say if a neighborhood had been “in development” for more than 10 years, or if they had more than 50 homes in the area that was being developed. That means that those with ulterior motives would not be able to do all of the things that they wanted to do, like the corporation that was discussed here was trying to do. This was a huge win for solar power advocates and those who were exploring this world more carefully as well.

Solar power is definitely the future. That’s why these sorts of laws are incredibly important to explore and to pass. Without them, we would not have the same sorts of rights that we do when it comes to putting up alternate sources of power in a neighborhood. Living off the grid is still looked at a bit strangely, which may be another reason that this whole problem has been debated and explored, but in time, that will become the norm as well. There may need to be other laws that come into play as time goes on in order to protect those persons from those who may want to stop them for whatever reason, and this law in Texas may be the beginning and a good springboard for what those laws should look like in the long run.

So, what do you think about the changes that Texas has put into place? Do you think that it’s a case where the people are right in what they’re doing and how they want to move forward with it? Or should these places still have the right to tell people what they can and cannot do with the homes that they own? It’s definitely an interesting thing to explore, and it’s a worthwhile question as more and more people are asking and exploring.